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5 Cute Back to School Projects from SVGCuts

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Do you have kids going back to school this week?  Do you know any teachers?  Why not try some of these cute back to school themed projects from  You'll definitely have fun making them! 

I will list the projects from simplest to more difficult to create.  This is purely subjective, as some of you may find some things harder and others easier than I did.  Even when I had a bit of difficulty putting things together, I was happy with the outcome, so give them a try!  All of the links to the kits these projects are in will be listed at the end.

Every one can use a card, even if it isn't for back to school but to simply send a greeting to your child's teacher or someone you know who's a teacher.
Back to School,, apple, school, fall, autumn
This card was really quick to put together.  Just add a little embossing and it goes a long way!

Believe it or not, this backpack took less than five minutes to assemble!
Back to School,, school, fall, autumn, backpack, papercrafts, DIY
My daughter suggested I needed something to go inside, and what did she suggest?  Books, of course!  I made some mini notebooks to stick inside, but you could fill it with any goodies for your child.

Here's a nice gift any teacher would appreciate!
Back to School,, cards, stationery set, papercrafts, DIY, school, fall, autumn

This project was quite easy, but making the cards was a little time consuming, so don't start this if you're in a rush!  I made six notecards and six envelopes suitable for a teacher to send a note.  Add your teacher's name to the front and you have a super personalized gift!

Planning to give your teacher or student a little something that needs a box?  This one is perfect!
Back to School,, apple, fall, autumn, school, teacher gift, papercrafts, DIY

This adorable apple opens up so you can place a sweet gift inside!  Since this one is three dimensional, it takes a little more patience to put together.  It is still pretty easy, and the wow factor is awesome!  The main thing to remember is to take your time while gluing, holding each piece and letting the glue dry as you go.

Last but not least, another gift box any student or teacher would love.
Back to School,, school, pencil, papercrafts, DIY, fall, autumn, teacher, student
Of all the projects listed here, the pencil box was the most difficult for me to put together.  Putting the wood part onto the pencil was a challenge, but overall I'm very happy with the outcome.  

I added a scalloped edge for a little more embellishment at the top since I didn't want to use the numbers that came with this file.  The black part of the apple on the front is cut from chalkboard paper which was perfect for writing the sentiment.

So, that's it!  Five really cute projects you'll have a blast making for a teacher or student!  Imagine how impressed the recipients will be!

Which projects are you making for back to school this year?  Please tell me about them!  If you have any questions about the projects listed here, ask in the comments and I'll do my best to answer!

SVG Kits Used: 
Back To School (Books on front of backpack)
Back to the Books (Backpack, Cards for teacher)
Miss Baker's Classroom (Apple)
School Days (Apple card, Pencil box)

Have a Crafty Day! 

*I'm an affiliate for SVGCuts because I love them and YOU will too!

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