Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Calendar

Happy April Fool's Day!  Can't say I'm the sort of person who likes to play jokes on people, nor do I care to have one played on me, so I rarely participate in the festivities of this day.  Of course, with April comes more spring like weather, and that means rain.  Rain to provide ample water for the beautiful flowers.  I've already got daffodils in my yard, courtesy of whoever lived here before me, since I didn't plant them.  And what do you need for rain?  The same thing my April calendar has plenty of, clouds!
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Rain, rain DON'T go away, keep watering the flowers!
I actually don't mind the rain with the warmer temperatures.  I can't wait to see the flowers bloom!

To make the clouds for the calendar I selected a cloud from the background paper using the magic wand tool, right clicked, chose layer via copy and filled the cloud with white.  Next I duplicated the cloud several times and lined them up to form the grid.  I also now have the cloud shape that I saved as a .png file for future use.

I chose not to line up the numbers since I wanted them to look random, like they were floating on the clouds.  This made creating the calendar much quicker. 

The raindrops are actually another paper from this collection, I just selected the white background with the magic wand and deleted it, then I changed the blending mode to multiply.

So, what do you think, should the rain go away or stick around?  Let me know what you think!

Hope your day isn't too tricky and Have a Crafty Day!

Items used:
Splendid Sunshine Collection by Echo Park
Aishart Extended (font-days, month, events)
LD Woodland (font- numbers)

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  1. That's April for you just clouds.


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