Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quick Post: A Melting Snowman

So I was playing around today with the Snow-Brainers graphic and cut it set from Lettering Delights.  What sold me on these sets was the number 4 snowman who appears to be melting much to his dismay.  I cracked up when I saw it and thought I would use it for my Facebook profile photo.  I haven't changed that photo in 3 years, so I thought it might be time!  Plus I really hate putting a photo of me out there!  I went into Photoshop and after about 3 attempts I came up with a simple picture, and voila, it was done.  (Photoshop is so much fun, did I mention that?).  I thought maybe someone might like to see it so here it is...
Lettering Delights, snowman, Photoshop
Yes you are!  Bye bye Mr. Snowman!

I am no fan of snow.  Thankfully where I live we haven't gotten any.  I feel for the people in the north under feet of snow.  Yes it looks pretty, yes it makes everything look so clean and serene, but if you have to go out in it it can be a real pain!  So to see this guy melting makes my day!  I'm more at home on a hot beach, thank you very much, so get lost Mr. Snowman!! (Actually I like him, he's fine since he's just a digital image!).  I decided to do something else with this picture, but for that you'll have to stop by tomorrow and check it out!  I know, the suspense is killing you!  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to let me know what you think about snow, or anything else.  In case you want to know, here's what I used:

Snow-Brainers graphic set
In Like a Lion paper pack
LDJ Drippy font

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