Saturday, January 11, 2014

How One Card Turned Into Four Cards!

Because of the event that started my week I didn't get the chance to post the cards I made with that lovely melting snowman from this post.   Instead of making one card, I ended up making four different versions of the same card.  I'd like to show you all four versions of this card, and maybe you'll discover, as I did, that creating is a process!  During that process I used a lot of features in Silhouette Studio DE(SSDE).  SSDE has many great features that I love, but my absolute favorite is the ability to print, sketch and then cut.  I have not been able to achieve this in Make The Cut.  If anyone knows how to do it in that program PLEASE let me know!  Well, on to the first version:
Lettering Delights, Snow-Brainers, Card
I'm floating!
Something didn't look right when I put this card together.  It was too plain and the snowman was floating!  I went back to fix that and came up with this:
Much better down here!

I'm feeling sketchy
I lowered the snowman and added some sketching around him to look like a shadow.  This is where I got to use the print, sketch and cut feature.  It looked much better to me, until I thought, something's still missing!  On to the next one:
Not the sun!!
Yes, it needed a sun!  I mean, why else would he be melting?  The sun was cropped to the printed mat on the front of the card so the rays didn't extend beyond the mat.  Cropping is another fun feature in SSDE.  In the first two cards I paper pieced the snowman, but in this one I just printed him out, making it quicker to put together.  I was satisfied with this card until I remembered all the cards Jin makes at Under A Cherry Tree.  I thought, I need to make it a shaped card and take it to the next level!  On to the fourth and final version:
Card, Lettering Delights, Snow-Brainers, Silhouette Cameo

Since this card had less space, I had to eliminate the words on the front.  I also used a different type of sketch around the snowman.  You might notice a black line around the card edge, which is from me not remembering to make the outline transparent instead of black.  I thought if I didn't have print outlines checked in the program those lines wouldn't print, but they did.  I didn't want to make a fifth card!  In case you're wondering, here are the inner sentiments for the cards:
Lettering Delights, Silhouette Cameo, card
How sweet!

So that's the creative process I went through to get to a card I felt happy with.  I learned to keep going when you're not satisfied, and that it's a great way to distract yourself from things you'd like to forget about!  Do any of you find the same things to be true?  I'd love to hear what your creative process is like!  Here's what I used to make these cards:

SNF Lollihop Font

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Crafty Day!


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