Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi again! I'm back and I've made another card. I actually thought of this one while I was taking a shower!! Things can pop into your head at the weirdest times. Anyway, I made this one with a few cricut carts: Winter Woodland(2nd layer&peace), Opposites Attract(On Earth), Stretch Your Imagination(present), and Going Places(globe). I welded Peace on the side. I know I saw a card that had peace in capital letters welded on the bottom, so to be fair I can't say I wasn't inspired by someone else's design. However it looks nothing like that card! (I also can't remember where I saw it.) I like how it turned out, but my 8 year old son told me it was backwards, I should have put peace on the card front and earth on the side. Well, what does he know anyway?? (Actually I sort of thought that too, but I still like it.) The best part is the prism paper I got from Wal-Mart.

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  1. This card is just fabulous! I love the earth in the present and the peace welded on the side. Had to laugh at your son's comment. Sounds like something my DH would say. Men just don't understand creative license. LOL thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. xxD


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