Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day! Oh, you know what I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!! I must say that even though my family is going thru some tough moments, I am still thankful for everything in my life. I made these simple place cards for my Thanksgiving table. I thought I would be seeing my mom and dad, whom I haven't seen in 2 years, for Thanksgiving. Today, my mother told me my father had fallen and broken his hip (again) and they won't be coming (of course!). It was disappointing, and to top it off they just moved from the midwest to Delaware, where my brother lives. They are staying in an apartment until their house is built. Thankfully, my dad is okay (okay for him, anyway-he's got several medical issues), and although I thought to say we could go there, I decided not to burden them with the stress of visitors. My family and I will instead go to my mother in law's house where there are two cousins who my kids love to be with. So, these place cards will have to be put away for next year, I guess. I made them by welding the turkey from the PDDU cart to a square from PS in my Gypsy. I used the WildCard cart for "Happy Thanksgiving" and to put on the names I dusted off my Xyron design runner (I'm usually afraid to use it since I'm not too good at it!). I also used the Cricut markers which I think were quite useful for the turkey features. Very simple, but I like how they turned out!


  1. Great start to your blog! These placecards are adorable. So sorry you won't be using them this year. Have wonderful Thanksgiving. xxD

  2. Okay, so now I'm your first follower so I won't miss a thing. No pressure there! LOL Love your Delilah! (Lexi scares me a bit :D) xxD

  3. Come on mom don`t freak out you just a follower and are panicing.Make more stuff for your blog.


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