Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Freebies- In The Pocket

Hello again!  I took last month off from the Pixel Scrapper blog train due to lack of internet connection.  I'm back now, although I started this one late since I wasn't sure I'd be able to upload it. 

The theme for this month is "In The Pocket".  I'm not much of a pocket scrapper, I tend to just throw stuff on the page and see how it all works out, but I've always wanted to try it.  I really like the clean look of pocket scrapping, and it's a very effective way of telling the story without getting too bogged down with elements. I have, however, seen some examples where there were plenty of embellishments!

I have a patterned paper pack as well as a solid one, both of which can be used for commercial works since both the texture and patterns were made by me.  I put them all into one zip file, I'm hoping it's not too large!

Download the papers below the previews:
Pixel Scrapper, 2017, March, Digital, Scrapbooking, Pocket Scrapbooking

Pixel Scrapper, Blog Train, 2017, March, Digital, Scrapbooking, Pocket Scrapbooking
 Download papers from Google Drive.

I've also created some journal cards, since what's pocket scrapbooking without them?  I've also included other elements like paper clips and tape, as well as words.  These are for personal use only since I'm not sure about the fonts.  The fonts I used are for commercial use, however it's not clear to me whether or not I can give that license to whoever I give my creations to.  If anyone can clear up the whole terms of use thing when it comes to fonts, I'd love it!  

Both the journal cards and elements are in one zip file like the papers.

Download links below the previews:
Pixel Scrapper, Blog Train, March, 2017, Digital Scrapbooking, Pocket Scrapbooking, freebie

Pixel Scrapper, Blog Train, March, 2017, Digital Scrapbooking, Pocket Scrapbooking,freebie
Journal Cards
Download elements and journal cards from Google Drive.

Be sure to check out the other contributions on the Pixel Scrapper blog train this month, there is plenty of amazing stuff to pick up!  In fact, I think I'll be heading there now!

I'm so glad you stopped by!  I hope you get some use out of my creations, and if you do please leave me a link!  I'd love to hear your thoughts about pocket scrapbooking.  Do you do it?  What are the items you like to use?  Let me know in the comments!

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely papers and elements! Have get to get all these wonderful blog train items unzipped and used!

  2. Lovely stuff. Thank you so much. :)

  3. Thanks for all you time spent and creativity. I appreciate it!

  4. Thank you for your beautiful gifts! If the font you used is commercial use, then you can list them as CU. You just cannot sell or give away the actual font files. :)

    1. Thanks for clearing that up, Erin. Whenever I read the terms of use for things I usually get confused and so I play it safe.:) Glad you stopped by!

  5. Прекрасные наборы! Большое спасибо!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us all!!

  7. Everything is just lovey!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  8. Thanks a lot for the terrific gifts in this month's BT

  9. Thank you very much for sharing. Marie H.

  10. THANK YOU bunches for still having the great goodies for downloading :)


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