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Tips for Tackling the Pagoda from SVGCuts-Part 2

SVGCuts, Spring Blossoms SVG Kit, papercraft, 3D, Silhouette Cameo, Tutorial
This is the second part of my Tips for Tackling the Pagoda from SVGCuts.  If you missed the first part please check it out here before reading on.

Are you ready to put your pagoda together and relish in your crafty goodness?  Of course you are!  You've completed Phase One and Two, now read on for Phase Three.

Phase Three: Assembly
  • Clear your craft area of unnecessary items.  You really do need a clean table with plenty of space for all of your pieces and supplies.  If your work area is too small or filled with unrelated items, you risk losing pieces and slowing down your workflow.  Some of you may be lucky enough to have a tidy craft room where this might not be a problem, but if not, clear off that dining room table!
  • Gather all of your supplies.  Make sure you have everything you need so you can keep everything going smoothly.  Here's a list of the things you may want to have when doing a project like this:
          • Glue- I use Scotch Quick Dry
          • Glue dots- To adhere embellishments
          • Scrap paper- To protect your craft area from glue.
          • Baby wipes- To get the glue off your fingers!
          • Paper towel- To dry your hands. Don't get your paper wet!
          • Pick- To poke out the little pieces in the intricate cuts.
          • Mini Clothespins- To hold corners together while the glue dries. (See Below).
          • Florist foam or foam board- To add support. (See Below).
          • Chipboard or cereal box- To add support. (See Below).
          • Embellishments 
  • Lay out only the pieces for the part you're creating.  Don't lay out all of your pieces at once, they WILL get lost!  Take out the pieces just for the roof, or the base, or whichever part you want to start with.
  • Put on the decorative panels first, if possible.  If you can put the panels on before assembling, it is so much easier.  In some cases it may not be possible, such as on the roof where the curve needs to be established beforehand.  You should also put any vellum pieces on before assembly, or you won't be putting them on at all!
  • Consult the assembly video.  This will help you determine whether or not to put the decorative panels on first.  It's also helpful to watch while you're assembling since you can pause and rewind as needed.
  • Add some florist foam to the inside of the base pieces.  It might seem strange, but florist foam prevents the base pieces from caving in.  There are box files for the inside of the base pieces which are meant to give additional support, but adding something sturdy inside them is even better.  An alternative I learned about on the SVGCuts Facebook page is to use foam board. (Thank you, Ron Gutman!).
  • Use mini clothespins to hold corners together.  This is useful when you don't want to sit and wait for the glue to dry.  Clip the corners and move on!  Using clothespins also keeps your fingers from getting stuck to the paper. Clothespins are also handy for getting into places where your fingers might not fit easily.  Here's how you can use them on the roof of your pagoda:
    SVGCuts, Pagoda, Spring Blossoms SVG Kit, tutorial

       You can also use them on the base pieces like this:
SVGCuts, Pagoda, Spring Blossoms SVG Kit, American Crafts, Tutorial, Silhouette Cameo, papercraft, 3D

  •  Use chipboard to add more support to the walls.  Adding strips of chipboard or even cardboard from a cereal box along the top of the inside of the walls prevents them from bowing in.  You can cover them in some of your patterned paper to make it look more appealing:
    SVGCuts, Spring Blossoms SVG Kit, papercraft, 3D, Silhouette Cameo, Tutorial, American Crafts
    It isn't shown in the picture, but you can also install a chipboard floor to add to the sturdiness.
  • Add embellishments.  Have fun putting your own style into your creation.  There really aren't any rules, just go with what appeals to you or what you know will appeal to the person you may be giving it to.  Keeping with the theme and colors of your paper will give your project a unified feeling.  To attach embellishments like the flowers, you can use glue dots.  Self-adhesive embellishments are also quite handy and there are plenty to choose from at your local craft store or online.
  • Enjoy and share your awesome creation!  Yeah, like I needed to tell you that!  Check out my "awesome" creation:
    SVGCuts, Make The Cut, Silhouette Cameo, American Crafts, SEI, Tutorial, 3D, papercraft
I really enjoyed creating this pagoda, and I'm very happy with the results.  Once I broke the process down into smaller parts, it didn't seem so daunting.  A little planning goes a long way when it comes to making these projects!  

I'm equally delighted to share the tips I discovered while creating the pagoda, and I hope they're helpful to you.  If you have any questions or additional tips to add, tell me about it in the comments.  I'd also love to see your creations, so leave a link!  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my tips!

Have a Crafty Day!

Items used:
Make The Cut!
Silhouette Cameo
Spring Blossoms SVG Kit
American Crafts Cardstock
Sunny Day Collection by SEI

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