Friday, November 12, 2010

Cocoa Holder Mug

I spent my day while the kids were at school making this mug.  I'm almost embarrassed to say it took the entire day, but it did!  I had to cut it three times before I was happy with the scoring and how it all went together.  I was inspired to do this after being in the blogosphere and seeing someone who had an SVG file of a mug pocket for cocoa.  I decided I wanted something a little more 3D and I just wanted to challenge myself to make it.  I got the mug from Gypsy Wanderings and the rectangles and squares are from Plantin.  The snowflakes are from Christmas Cheer (now there's a cart I haven't used in a while!) and the snowflake border punch is EKSuccess.  Of course stickles and an irock gem added a little bling. I put a hole in the top of the cocoa packet put the ribbon through and tied a quick bow.  I may add a little tag before I give it away.   Here's what it looked like cut out and scored.
I'm happy with the outcome, although the scoring isn't perfect since the mug has a slight curve to it.  I think I'll make more and give them to teachers this year.  I'm on a tight budget so this is about my limit for spending (which was none since I had all the supplies!).  Until next time...
Happy Crafting!


  1. That cocoa mug is so cute!
    Thanks for you comment

  2. 1st of all, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your mug! WAY TOO CUTE my friend! I ALSO wanted to answer your felt question, I kept all my settings on my cricut on high! hope this helps!
    Big Gypsy hugs,


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