Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mid March Calendar Day...In Like A Lion!

Yup, March certainly came in like a lion!  We had snow the second day, and where I live if there's snow on the ground the kids don't go to school.  Good grief!  I used to pray for snow days growing up in New York.  We were lucky if we got one!  So far my kids have had a total of 9 snow days!

So, this calendar has been done for over a week now.  I just got to printing it out today.  Then I realized I never posted it!  Guess my mind's been on other things.  So here it is, a combo of what March is all about, St. Patrick's Day and the blustery weather:
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In Like A Lion. Out Like A Lamb!
Instead of the usual calendar grid I decided on the shamrocks, much like the calendar I made last month with hearts I clipped two papers on to a mask from a set by Samantha Walker.  The mask shape made me think of clouds, so it seemed appropriate for this calendar.  Since I don't have the charmed life graphic set the shamrock is in, I imported the pdf that's included in the cut it set into Photoshop and did some copying and pasting to create the rows.  To make the month and year title I created the shadow effect like I showed in this post.  To be honest, this isn't my favorite calendar.  I've got a severe case of the winter blahs.  I am so done with the cold, and it's really getting in the way of my creativity.  I'm hoping this month really does go out like a lamb, I need a taste of spring!  I do love the set In Like A Lion from Lettering Delights that I used, however.  The lion and lamb are so cute!

Speaking of cute, there's something else that's been taking up my time lately, and it is VERY cute.  Stay tuned, I'll be revealing that tomorrow!

Here's what I used for the calendar:
In Like A Lion Cut It Set
In Like A Lion Paper Pack
Charmed Life Cut It Set (Shamrock)
Background Mask Collection by Samantha Walker
SNF Simon Says Font
LDJ Fanciful Font
LD Charming Bold Font

Go out like a lamb and Have A Crafty Day!

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