Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Easter Bunny Shaped Card

I had such a fun time creating this bunny shaped card!  I decided to do this for the Bunny Week Challenge Mary is having at Cardz TV.  I got this bunny from the now closed Little Dreamer Designs.  It was designed by Nancy Kubo.  As I am always late to get on the band wagon, this was my one and only purchase from this store.  I had not really looked into it until Jin at Under A Cherry Tree had posted about the store closing on her blog.  When I saw these bunnies I knew I had to have them!  This card was also inspired by Jin and the way she creates her shaped cards.  I created the base using a rectangle so the card would stand on its own and there was room for a sentiment.  Of course Make The Cut(MTC) was used to do this.  First I had to convert the bunny graphic so it would be traceable in MTC.  Jin has a wonderful tutorial on her blog which shows how this is done using Photoshop.  I used Photoshop Elements 7 and it worked just fine.  I also printed the "Happy Easter" from MTC.  And yes Jin has a tutorial for that too!  I finished off the front of the card with some hand cut "grass" at the bottom, some googly eyes on the bunny, and some stickles.  Since I can print from MTC I like to print my inner sentiments from there also.  It's really easy, I don't even have to use the hinge method as there is enough leeway that it seems to print correctly.
I think this adds a nice touch to the card.  I dare not say it looks professional, but I think it looks nice!  Hope you liked my card and have the time for a comment- it's nice to know someone is out there every once in a while!   Have a great Sunday evening!


  1. cute bunny card :)

  2. Hey Cindy.....Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog......Thought I would come here to respond since I didn't have your direct email.....I do indeed know use SCAL3 and no longer us MTC......SCAL3 has DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED!!!! Sherri has worked long and hard with Brandon to make SCAL3 to work FANTASTIC with the Black Cat cutters.....Brandon has made loads and loads of improvements with SCAL and is continously working directly with the Black Cat cutters to tweek more and more for the program to do all that BC users are wanting...where as Andy with MTC is not.......he has apparently chosen to no longer work on the issues that are creeping in between the software and the BC cutters......and BC users who are wanting to use the PNC technique with MTC are having to use the KNK plugin...and while it's not perfect....seems rather apparent there will not be a dedicated BC plugin for the software.....

    Also.....I enjoy doing engraving with my Cougar........I found that when trying to use MTC to do the engraving MTC would always crash because it's not able to handle the large files that are involved with an engraving file because of the fill feature that involves ALOT of nodes.....SCAL3 has NO ISSUE with can handle the engraving with no problem......also Brandon has done a PHENOMINAL job on the Print & Cut feature between SCAL3 and the BC cutters......

    There is a bit of relearning and adjusting when you first go back to SCAL because the page orientation is different.......where as MTC basically sees your page as landscape.....SCAL sees it as portrait...if that makes sense...LOL

    So for me....I am LOVING SCAL3.....I am actually using it now over the Inkscape/Signcut combination I was using for cutting....I'm still creating in Inkscape......because I have more abilities there....(though Brandon is even improving on the nodes abilities)........I'm no longer cutting through Signcut because I REALLY REALLY REALLY like SCAL3......

    So...that's my $.02...LOL Hope it wasn't more then you were wanting to know...If I can help you further, please let me know.....If you want to download the trial of SCAL3...there's a link on my blog....Have a blessed day ma'am!!!

  3. Hey Cindy..I wanted to THANK YOU so much for your comment on my blog...and then respond to your question..that is certainly a great question.....and if you did not ask it you would not know.....the answer to that is They WILL CONTINUE to support THEIR Customers who have purchased Black Cats from them in the past......they will always have the accessories that will work with the Black Cats as the accessories they have now and may create in the future will be compatible with BOTH lines......This is a BONUS.....all the way around.....This is something they were forced into because if they waited for the legal system to get the ruling...which as Sherri has shared could take 18 months or would end up hurting everyone around...This way they are able to continue to supply an amazing cutter.....

    I just got my Cougar about 2 months ago...upgrading from a Lynx....and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND where they are coming from and why they had to make this change......and it only makes me respect them more for making a tough decision.....I have no plans to upgrade my Cougar anytime in the near future because I love my IS a great machine......and it's a very well made long lasting machine.......If what you have works for you I say be happy and keep cutting away and just know...Sherri WILL be there to continue to support you.....she is truly an amazing lady!!!!

  4. Thank you so much Penny for your replies!


Glad to hear from you!


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