Sunday, February 13, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Have you gotten all your Valentine's completed and mailed?  Here are a few little notes I made for my daughter to take to school.  I also made a drop box using the Lettering Delights drop box SVG.  The valentines are just simple 3x3 cards with a mat and two cuttlebug die cuts and another smaller square.  I wanted them simple because I had to make 20!  I also created the envelopes to go with them in Make The Cut.  It was fun to design my own, and I think they came out cute.  The other small card was just a stamp with a strip of paper I border punched and added some ribbon to.  The drop box was a lot more difficult to put together than I thought it would be.  I wish I'd had this tutorial from Under A Cherry Tree to guide me, but I didn't.  I think it still came out very well, and I know the next one will be easier!  Here's some more pics of the drop box.

I made the "love letters" in Make The Cut using the typeset font from Lettering Delights.   The "You've Got Mail" is the Buttercream font from Lettering Delights.  This is one of my favorite fonts!   I love how you can make shadows of your letters a gazillion times easier than you can in Design Studio!  It's just a matter of clicking your mouse and adjusting the size.  I also love how the mat can be formed by blacking out the shadow just by checking a box!  Make The Cut ROCKS!!!  If you haven't discovered this program, you MUST try it out!  I'm not an affiliate or anything (although I'm considering it since I LOVE this program). I have nothing to gain, I just want to shout how much I love MTC to the world!! For the base of the box I used a thick cardstock that came in a DCWV packet.  I then put the patterned paper over the top.  I think it made this box quite sturdy, which is essential when your kids will be messing with it!  Hope you like my valentines and I hope you're ready for tomorrow!  If you have the time please feel free to leave me some love! 


  1. Love your little mailbox. Not having a die-cut machine, I'm going to have to reverse engineer it to figure out your template. TFS

  2. Sandy, doubt you'll see this but the box is an SVG from Lettering Delights. You should check them out, they've got lots of cute things to cut! Thanks for commenting!

  3. OMG!!! Is this ever ADORABLE!!!!! LOve, love, LOVE that mailbox! xxD


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