Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Haunting Pumpkin Pop Up Card

Here is my attempt at making a card like the ones made on Wall Decor and More. The pumpkin pops up from the top of the card and is cut out from the back as you can see in the pic below.
I loaded the paper cut to the size I wanted (81/2 by 51/2)and scored it. I let part of it hang off the edge of the mat opposite the side that goes into the Cricut. In order for it to cut in the right place I had to line up the scored line with where it looked like the Cricut would stop cutting.The pictures above show how I loaded the paper and set it up in Design Studio. I guess it's pretty simple, but I fretted for a while on how to do this and then it just came to me while I was doing something completely unrelated (that means reading other people's blogs! LOL!). I was so happy when I figured this out because I had been reading a post on the Cricut forum that said there must be a way to do this but no one had come up with it yet. I thought there was no way to do it! I'll be trying more shapes doing this for sure! Here's the inside of the card.Hope you enjoyed this! Happy Haunting to you!

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