Friday, August 6, 2010

8 Ball Card and TShirt

I made this card and T Shirt for my son's friend who was having a birthday party. I made the card on my Gypsy by welding the base of the 8 ball on Indie Art. My son thought this was supposed to be a record, so the concept was lost on him! (I don't know how he knows anything about records, since I don't think he's ever seen one!) The top layer was cuttlebugged with the spots and dots folder, which was difficult since the card was bigger than the folder. I strategically placed a strip of paper across where you would see the line from the folder. The letters are from Street Sign. I really like that font since you can make the letters pretty small and they always cut well. I used patterned paper from the My Mind's Eye Complete Boy stack. I get a lot of use out of this stack, having three boys! I made the T shirt using my Yudu. (Sorry for the bad picture!) This screen is one of the first ones I made about a year ago and I've used it a couple of times so I'll probably never wash it off. Apparently this boy saw my son wearing one I had made for him and requested it as a birthday present! (Well, I'm happy, this is the cheapest birthday present I've ever given!) The screen I made is only for the bottom layer and uses the guitars and words from Indie Art. On the top layer I used vinyl as a stencil to paint on the guitar parts. I used the gunmetal bronze Yudu ink for the guitars and some tulip fabric paint on top. I find that layering is quite difficult for me with the Yudu. I suppose I haven't used it enough yet to be real good at it. I would like to do so much more with it! Thanks for stopping by!

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